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Father | VA6 BSZS 2013 Etoo aus Wattenscheid

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Dam – VV 1 Orie aus Wattenscheid

Dam – VV 1 Orie aus Wattenscheid


Born August 06, 2011

HD+ED Normal, her show-results: VV1 LG Siegerin, Judge Franz-Peter Knaul, VV4, Judje Margit van Dorssen, VV 5 Margit van Dorssen, SG 81 JK

Orie is excellent young female absolve a good bite work, has a fine character. She has  outstanding conformation with excellent bone and substance and a beautiful heat. She has very good movement and  has an excellent calm confident temperament. She loves to play ball and go for walks. Finally  she is a gentle mother very protective and  produces outstanding puppies.